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DECATUR – The Hit Sounds Of The 1980s

Decatur is a sampled based Kontakt library highlighting the synth sounds of the most influential bands and artists throughout the 1980s. These classic sounds which were featured in countless radio hits dominated the airwaves for decades and have without a doubt, become a staple of musical nostalgia over the years. All of these sounds are now available, for the first time, in one library!

Decatur is aimed at anyone and everyone who is searching for not only legendary sounds but also new ideas to create and experiment in their projects. Keyboard and Synth players who are weekend musical warriors will be more than satisfied to play through the huge list of presets from some of their favorite artists. Composers who love to add a tinge of retro sound to their arsenal will also find this curated library.

Decatur is divided into 8 categories:

Arps – This is a collection of famous arpeggiated sounds heard in some of the classic hits.

Bass – It’s all about the Synth Bass in this section. These synth bass patches are sampled from legendary synths known for their bass sounds such as the MiniMoog, the Prophet V, Roland’s TB-303 as well as others.

Brass – Analog brass at it’s best as well as some FM Brass such as the sounds of the Yamaha DX7, Oberheim, and Prophet 5. This section includes multi-layered brass samples for complex brass sounds such as those heard on Prince and Toto albums.

Keys – This library includes samples that would not necessarily fit into the Leads category, the Piano category, or the Pads category. In some cases, the samples are a combination of all of the above.

Leads – This is the largest collection of synth leads available in Decatur. The leads were sampled from vintage machines as well as modern emulators and some of the best virtual synths available today. From the quirky analog lead sound of Lipps Inc.’s “Funkytown” to the fat brass synth used by Keith Emerson during “Touch & Go”, this library will keep you busy for a while.

Organs – Here you can find mostly Hammond Organ B-3 patches and a couple of classic organ patches provided by Yamaha DX7 and Korg M1.

Pads – The Pads section contains one of Decatur’s largest libraries which includes the legendary pad sounds of synthesizer behemoths like the Oberheim OB-8, Roland’s Jupiter 8, and Sequential Circuits Prophet among others.

Pianos – This section focuses mainly on DX Electric pianos similar to those from the famous Yamaha DX7 synthesizer released in 1983, the Korg 01W as well as a Fender Rhodes piano and a few layered acoustic pianos.

This library of sounds is ideal for indie filmmakers, game developers, artists, multimedia designers, and also social media content creators. For more info please visit our page or like us on