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Urban Kong Beats

Urban Kong Beats is a collection of royalty free urban music ready to be used in any of your projects including YouTube videos, mobile apps, Indie films, Games or even as background music for your own Artist demo. This music is available royalty-free as production music for game developers, filmmakers, artists and multimedia producers.

What is a Construction Kit?

Each song in this collection is made out of a number of different instruments recorded into separated tracks. These tracks are all available for each song and can be used to re-arrange, remix and/or customize the song to fit your project. There are also some “one-shot” drum samples included with each song to lay out perhaps new beat patterns.


-2.48gb (uncompressed)
-7 Full Song Construction Kits
-One-Shot Drum Samples of each song
-24-Bit WAV Loops
-320kb Bit rate mp3 of each song
-Key & Tempo Labelled
-100% Royalty-Free
-Mastered quality out of the box

Music Info

Modern Day Warrior – F#minor – 102bpm
A high-energy hip-hop beat with a timeless “rolling across” lead and Trance-like pads.

Still Running – Ebminor – 110bpm
Old school electro bassline with syncopated 808 drums, African bells and percussive synths.

Beachtown – Gminor – 108bpm
Laid back syncopated beat with rimshots, finger snaps and 808 snares over lush strings and pads.

Tribalistik – Abminor – 100bpm
Bouncy type of beat with heavy African percussion perfect for the club. The feeling here is that of partying in a sweaty environment, like a beach party or hot club.

Hail To The King – Dminor – 128bpm
A high-energy Trap song with Orchestral Brass and Church bells under a subliminal 808 bass.

Tripstaz – Fminor – 74bpm
Big FM bass and lush strings, phased pads, weaving electric piano riffs and delayed 808 drums. Chill atmosphere.

Holla Back – Cminor – 90bpm
Club style track, driven but laid back with a plucky lead synth and plenty of space to layout some ideas.