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Synisiteria - Kontakt Instrument

Kontakt Instrument

Synisteria is a Kontakt instrument created as a scoring extension tool for those who indulge in the sound and production of horror and dark retro music, particularly the sounds heard in classic movies from the decade of the 1980s. Movies like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th, The Thing, and countless more, had a particular sound that in many cases was achieved by nothing more than synthesizers.  The music of iconic composers such as John Carpenter, Giorgio Moroder, and others was very influential and has become iconic, to say the least.

This library of sounds is ideal for indie filmmakers, game developers, artists, multimedia designers, and also social media content creators. For more info please visit our page.

Synisteria’s 7 Deadly Categories

Atonal Atmospheres – Atonality refers to sounds that do not center around a musical root note or key the way that traditional music does, therefore making it difficult to predict where the music is heading next. This unpredictability creates an uncomfortable, uneasy feeling in our minds.

Keys & Synths – This category contains all of the synths sounds heard in a lot of the 80’s classic horror movies as well as some horror/sci-fi movies of modern times.

Long Sustained Drones – Drones are low-pitched undertone compositions purposely recorded without any rhythm or tempo in order to create a feeling of timelessness. They are an essential tool for filmmakers, music editors, and multimedia producers to signpost the subliminal mood of a scene to their audience. The drones used here are from the “Dark Drones & Undertones” collection produced by AlmaLibre Studios which can also be purchased separately. 

Metallics – There is a strange correlation between metal, hammered sounds, and creepy, eerie music.  Who hasn’t been scared by the sound of an out-of-tune music box?   You can find sounds similar to those heard in Halloween The Movie (Bells of Haddonfield) as well as The Exorcist (Regan’s Bells).

Retro Drum Kits – 10 drumkits sampled from drum machines involved in some of the 80’s movies. Some of the sounds are similar to those produced by the Drumulator, LinnDrum, Oberheim DMX, TR-727, and much more.

Sound F/X’s – A collection of miscellaneous sounds to enhance your compositions or sound design.

Synth Basses – The sound of a slow, pulsating synth bass alone sometimes is enough to create tension and drama.  This bank of sounds showcases familiar synth basses from the ’80s.