Terms and Conditions

End User License Agreement

Only a single user can be granted a license for this product. Licenses are not transferrable to another entity without the prior written consent of Almalibrestudios.com. The music, sounds, and samples contained within our libraries are not ‘sold’ to the licensee but are rather ‘licensed’ to the licensee by Almalibrestudios.com to be used in commercial, non-commercial, for-profit or non-profit projects in music production, sound design, game developing, tv, film, broadcast, and all other content creation media. Almalibrestudios.com’s granting of this license strongly forbids any unauthorized re-distribution of its products as a whole under a different name as well as any unauthorized sale and/or redistribution of its sounds and samples through means of re-sampling, processing and remixing with the purpose of being included or embedded into third-party software or hardware, commercial or non-commercial. AlmaLibreStudios.com retains complete ownership as well as full copyright privileges of all recorded sounds, musical performances, documentation and instrument programming included in its libraries. This license agreement becomes effective at the moment of downloading and will remain so until termination. Almalibrestudios.com is under full authority to terminate the agreement if any of the terms or conditions of it are broken. The license could also be terminated upon a granted refund request.


The use of our software and other products is at the licensee’s own risk. As a copyright holder, Almalibrestudios.com is providing these products “AS IS” which disclaims any implied warranties. At no particular time or event shall the copyright owner of our products be liable directly or indirectly for any physical or digital damage (including but not limited to loss of data, profit loss due to business interruptions, etc.) that may have stemmed in any way from the use of our products.

Privacy Statement

All of your personal information is private and will not, under most circumstances, be sold, exchanged or released to the public. Almalibrestudios.com may, however, disclose information as required by law, against an individual or group who poses a threat to the interests of Almalibrestudios.com (such as customer fraud) or whose behavior puts in jeopardy the well-being of others.

Copyright Infringement Disclaimer

It is absolutely not the intention of the sound designer, programmer, producer or Almalibrestudios.com to commit any copyright infringement while labeling, producing or designing these sounds, particularly when using the names of the original artists and songs. This is simply done as a reference point for the users of our products to understand what songs these sounds originated from and perhaps how they can be applied to their projects.


Almalibrestudios.com does not grant any refunds on digital products. However, Almalibrestudios.com will grant a full refund providing one (or more) of the following conditions are met:

• Your bank account / PayPal account was illegally charged by Almalibrestudios.com (fraud).

• There was a technical error from our part which prevented us from delivering the product to the customer within 48 hours from the time of purchase. At that time, other available options will be considered in order to promptly deliver the product to the customer. If all of our options fail then a full refund will be granted. Please allow up to 14 business days from the refund claim date for the money to be fully refunded to your account.