What is a music license?

A music license is a contract agreement between the music makers ( and you. It is neccesary to have in order to legally synchronize (add) our music to your media projects. It also grants you the right to legally use and distribute your final production. This license is a single use, non-transferrable agreement which does not expire. Click here to learn about license restrictions. 

We offer 2 types of Non-Exclusive licenses: Standard and Premium. We also offer a Master license which comes with Exclusive rights. 


Non-Commercial Projects


Ideal for personal projects, webisodes, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media, student films, showreels, and all non-commercial productions. 


Commercial Projects


Same as Standard plus TV shows, Broadcast, Films, Games, Documentaries, Apps, and all commercial productions with future distribution. 


All Projects

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Same as Premium plus all of the Master files used for the recording including the individual tracks or stems. The song is removed from our catalog as you are granted an Exclusive License.

Standard or Premium?

Use the compare chart below to decide which license option best fits your production. Still have questions? Contact us at

Project Usage Standard License Premium License
For YouTube videos, Podcasts, Social Media Ads, Online Advertising

Personal Use
For online, wedding, showreel videos

Games, Apps & DVDs
For indie games, apps and other for-profit projects
* Up to 1,000 Copies or downloads

For short & full-featured films

Film Festivals & Student Productions only
** Any film (indie, studio) with a production budget of less than 1 million
TV & Radio
For TV series, news, entertainment and talk shows
Music for TV Pilot only
TV & Radio
For commercials, advertising


Local & National
Corporate & Sale Events
For industrial events, trade shows and in-store displays


Local & National

*Once your project sells more than 1,000 commercially distributed units (via digital downloads or organic distribution) you must return and purchase a Premium license. A Premium license will cover unlimited sale units.

** For a project with a production budget of more than $1,000,000 an Exclusive License must be purchased from 

What is Royalty-Free?

Royalty-Free does not imply that the production music that you are purchasing is free. What it means it that the production music recordings that you are licensing with us are free of any future royalties generated by the sale and distribution of your production to the music makers, in this case In other words, there are no extra hidden fees or royalties that will be owed to once your production starts to generate income.

All of the production music available for licensing at is royalty-free.

Non-Exclusive versus Exclusive?

A Non-Exclusive license grants you the right to use our production music recordings in any way that you see fit for your commercial or non-commercial project. However, retains the composition, copyright and publishing rights of the recording. We also retain the right to license the same music to other clients.

If you are interested in having the music be exclusive to your project then consider getting an Exclusive License. With this type of licensing the music you purchase becomes unavailable to everyone else. Please contact us for details on how to obtain an Exclusive License.

What are the license restrictions?

  • You may not, under any circumstances, resell the music as royalty-free stock music, redistribute or re-package the music.
  • You may not sell or market the music as your own even if you have re-arranged or remixed it, added your voice or other instruments to the music.
  • You also may not sing or play an instrument over the music and sell or distribute it as part of your album or single, as this is strictly “Production Music” intended for use as Background music only.

    You may, however, add your voice or instrument to our recordings as long as it is done in a narrative nature where our recording still plays the part of background music (e.g. audio books, self-healing therapy, storytelling, training audio).

  • Our licensing does not cover any public performance rights. If you plan on publicly performing your production (e.g. on TV or Radio advertising) then you must fill out ‘cue sheets’ with the networks involved and their respective performance rights organizations (PRO) such as BMI or ASCAP.

    *Almalibre Studios LLC is a proud member of ASCAP.