Kontakt Libraries


You can find most answers to questions about our Kontakt Libraries on this page. You can also contact us at info@almalibrestudios.com with further questions. 

Go to Almalibrestudios.com, search for the particular product page, click on the “add to cart” link, check out and enter your personal purchasing information. Once the secured transaction has taken place an e-mail will be sent to you with a downloading link (This link is sent immediately, however, sometimes it make take up to 15 minutes before the link appears on your e-mail).

Absolutely.  You can use any major credit card as well as Paypal. 

Yes. For PC you would need Windows 7 and above.  For Mac, you would need OSX 10 and above.

In order to extract files from the zip folder, simply double-click on the zip folder to open it once downloaded, then drag everything inside out onto your desktop. If you can’t open the file, you may need to download an updated free version of WinRAR in order to extract your files.

No. All of AlmaLibreStudios.com productions are available as digital downloads only.

Our libraries cannot be loaded by clicking on the “Add to Library” button. Instead, once the library has been extracted navigate to the .nki files via the “File” tab in Kontakt.

If you are getting notifications about missing files, it is possible that your download was interrupted (poor internet signal) or the file extraction process was corrupted. We would suggest extracting the main download file (Decatur) once again using Winrar as an extraction tool as it seems to be the most reliable one with our products. 

You can download the free version of Winrar by clicking here.

Please make sure that you have fully downloaded the product before extracting it by comparing the file sizes that you have with those mentioned on the product’s page. If the problem still persists then it is possible that Kontakt is looking for the files in the wrong directory.

In order to fix this, go to Kontakt, click on File and then “Batch Resave”. Find the main folder where the samples are located in the popup window that appears and press OK. Once Kontakt finds the .nki files, it will ask you where the missing samples are. Click on the main folder one more time and it will automatically re-save the instrument with all of the correct file locations.

We do not sell demo versions of our products. All of our products are sold as full versions. If you are experiencing a “demo mode” issue it is possible that you are using an unofficial version of Kontakt or a free Kontakt version. You need a full version of Kontakt 5.5 or above to enjoy the full benefits of our products.

The short answer is no. However, in some cases it will run on the Free kontakt player but only on “Demo” mode.  A full version of Kontakt 5.5 and higher is required to get the full benefits of our Kontakt libraries.

No. You can alter the sounds in any way you want and even profit from it.  However, you cannot resell or redistribute the sounds and/or instruments as part of any other library, collection or compilation.

Unfortunately, Almalibrestudios.com does not grant refunds on downloaded software except for special circumstances. Please watch some of the videos and listen to the demos posted about our products to help you be reassured of what you are purchasing. You can always contact us with any questions or to request more information about the product prior to your purchase.

Please refer to our Refund Policy for more info.