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We are a small Production Music and Sound Design boutique offering sampled libraries and virtual instruments tailored to Composers, Artists and Producers for use in Broadcast, Film, Television, and Games as well as Web and Interactive Media.

We strive to create sound libraries that are rare, unique and interesting to those that indulge in music production.

Looking for the best Pop Hit Sounds Of The 1980s? - Decatur Screenshot


The Hit Sounds Of The 1980's

Decatur is a sampled based Kontakt library highlighting the synth sounds of the most influential bands and artists throughout the 1980’s. These classic sounds which were featured in countless radio hits dominated the airwaves for decades and have without a doubt, become a staple of musical nostalgia over the years. All of these sounds are now available, for the first time, in one library!

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Are you a composer looking for 1980s horror/sci-fi sounds?

Synisiteria - Kontakt Instrument


An 80's Horror/Sci-fi Instrument

Synisteria is a Kontakt based sampled library created at Almalibre Studios as a scoring extension tool for those who indulge in the composition and production of horror and dark retro music, particularly the sounds heard in classic movies from the decade of the 1980’s.

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