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Almalibre Studios is a small Production Music Licensing boutique offering Royalty-Free Music and Sound Design intended for use in Broadcast, Film, Television and Games as well as Web and Interactive Media. All of our tracks are exclusive to Almalibrestudios.com therefore cannot be found in any other Production Music Libraries.

Our Music

We create music with a dark tone and feel, ideal for projects that invoke an apocalyptic feeling of suspense, fear, anxiety, horror, doom, sadness, etc. We strive to compose music that is rare, unique and hard to be found anywhere else within the genre of “dark” music.

Underscore Music With A Pulse Cover
Featured Production Library

"Underscore Music
With A Pulse"

‘Underscore Music with a Pulse’ is a curated collection of instrumental atmospheric music driven by a pulsating, oscillating or undulating sound. The pulse may come from a synth bass or sometimes just a subtle percussive sound behind low strings or synth drones.

This music can be used to accentuate suspense, anticipation, danger, intrigue and even fear. It can also be used with footage of mad science experiments and secret research as well as creepy, eerie and haunting electronic scores. 

Click below to hear the entire ‘Underscore Music With A Pulse’ collection.

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Are you a composer looking for 1980's horror/sci-fi sounds?

Synisiteria - Kontakt Instrument


An 80's Horror/Sci-fi Instrument

Synisteria is a Kontakt based sampled library created at Almalibre Studios as a scoring extension tool for those who indulge in the composition and production of horror and dark retro music, particularly the sounds heard in classic movies from the decade of the 1980’s.


Custom Music Scoring

Custom Music Scoring is available for a variety of projects including Featured Films (long or short form), TV, Games, Corporate Videos, Social Media Content, etc. Please, send us an email and tell us about your project (genre, length, style) in order for us to begin formulating the right musical ideas for you.

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