Premium Licensing Agreement

What is a Premium Licensing Agreement?
A Premium License is an agreement that grants you the right to purchase music produced at for commercial and profitable use without having to pay any royalties to the music creators. You may use the music in combination with other music or sounds in music production. You, as the purchaser retains the authoring, publishing and composition rights to the music. In other words, when you purchase a song with a Premium License Agreement you are purchasing the right to use the music for profitable, commercial use on any format (e.g. CDs, Albums, DVD’s, iTunes) and also edit or alter the music as you see fit.

You may sell as many units as you would like without having to renew your Premium License Agreement again. Once you have purchased an Premium License, the music purchased under the agreement will be automatically removed from our library and unavailable to be purchased or leased by anyone else. The music and any royalties stemming from the use of the music belong to you as the sole purchaser of the Premium License Agreement.

You may not, however, under any circumstances, resell the music as royalty-free stock music, redistribute or re-package the music as part of another collection or music series.

What is included with an Premium Licensing Agreement?
After your transaction has been finalized a link(s) to your purchased download(s) will appear on your receipt page. The download, which comes as a zipped file, includes:

  •  The full mix of the song in .wav (24bit/48khz) format.
  •  The full mix of the song in .mp3 (320kbs) format.
  •  The separated instrument tracks (stems) that make up the full song (full mix version) in .wav format.
  •  A pdf file of the Premium Licensing Agreement from for your records

    * The separated tracks are all recorded starting at bar 1 of the mix this way they match up perfectly with each other once you import them onto your Digital Audio Workstation beginning at bar 1.